Turning Shoggoth into Doggoth
Why it failed, how The Fed goofed, and what's next for crypto
2023 Update. Plus, Rhys Show podcast interviews

July 2022

What topics should I write about? How can I help you understand the world?

June 2022

Idea Machines, AI videos, and TikTok primitives
Web3 in 2040

May 2022

Feed yourself exciting bite-sized tasks. Put the attention cookies away.
Send to your frenz! Apply by May 31.
Alex Danco, Scott Adams, Paul Graham, Scott Alexander, and Holden Karnofsky all say...
r/place, Nat Geo Picture of the Year, and blogosphere data viz

April 2022

The most important theory since natural selection
Five podcasts on rewriting ourselves, our agriculture, and our biosphere