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How Frontier Movements Embody the Roote Paradigm

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1) This week’s article—How 6 Frontier Movements Embody the Roote Paradigm.

Are you familiar with Effective Altruism, GameB, Progress Studies, Doughnut Economics, RadicalXChange, or Long Now? This piece shows how they’re all sub-manifestations of a larger paradigm shift. Check out the piece to fill in the table below!

2) As a reminder, we announced the Roote Fellowship last week. It starts on August 1st, costs $2000, and will have 10 fellows. We already had 5 (pretty awesome) folks apply, so please apply now! (We also updated the website with a curriculum, request for projects, etc.)


1) With Harvard and others announcing remote Zoom University in the fall, we’re seeing some interesting alternatives like Haitus. Related: Green Mountain College has closed. Buy their old campus for $20M.

2) Scathing report on the current state of global poverty by Philip Alston, the UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty. “COVID-19 will increase the number at risk of acute hunger by more than 250 million.” Alston thinks “the International Poverty Line has a scandalous lack of ambition.” For more debate on poverty lines, see this piece from Future Perfect.

3) Teens Flock To New App Where They Just Enter Own Personal Data Into Form :)




I love music that layers non-melodic audio recordings on top of electronic beats. Two of the most popular bands in this space are Pogo and Public Service Broadcasting (PBS). Pogo chops up Disney soundtracks while PBS uses old radio recordings from the 1900s. The Pogo-y version is often called plunderphonics.

This week I learned about Meaningwave—a genre created by Akira the Don that layers philosophical recordings on lo-fi beats. Although I love these songs, they’re a bit too focused on IDW/white dudes. Please reach out if you know meaningwave/plunderphonic tracks with folks like Angela Davis, bell hooks, Donella Meadows, etc.

I made this playlist of my favorite plunderphonic and meaningwave songs. If you just want to listen to only one, check out this hilarious Meaningwave track feat. Elon Musk:

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Hope you have a good week. Warmth, Rhys

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