Rhys' Newsletter #67

Back from Africa!

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Hey y’all! Missed ya. ❤️

I just returned from an August vacation in Egypt and Kenya with my brother and dad.

In Egypt, we explored Cairo and Alexandria for 5 days each. Here’s a picture of us eating Bedouin food in the Sahara near the Pyramids.

In Kenya, we did a 10-day, 150-mile charity walk through the Maasai Mara grasslands. There are a bunch of pictures here. Here’s one of me playing the drums with som kids:

I was thinking about the best ways to share and process my journey. When I went to Nepal/India in 2011, I did a Youtube/Blogspot blog. For China in 2014, I did a series on “Photography in the Abstract” on Wordpress.

It’s 2021, so let’s do TikTok!

Here are my tiks and some of my toks:

Or just follow @rhyslindmark on TikTok for more learnings from Africa!

More next week and back to our regularly scheduled programming. Would love to know what you’ve been up to!


1) Cool articulation of Now Us over Now Me from a football owner:

2) Timeline of mRNA and lipid nanoparticle discovery.

It’s shoulders and giants all the way down.

3) Great new Adam Neely video on whether pop songs count as plagarism.

From a What Information Wants perspective:

Songs convergently evolve towards popular "attention" niches like Four Chords, in a similar way as animals evolve towards "energy" niches like flight.

Was it plagiarism for bats, birds, and insects to all evolve wings?

4) Reminder that forests are carbon sinks so wildfires are like coal power plants.

As Kim-Mai Cutler said: Our state's wildfire emissions erased some 12-13 years of progress on GHG reductions in California:

5) Babylon BeeTaliban Opens Chain Of U.S. Army Surplus Stores

6) The Onion: CDC Warns Going Unvaccinated Not Worth Risk Of Losing Ability To Taste Wings

7) Rhys: Fox News Announces New Line of Branded Caskets

8) Satire From The Crowd: FDA approves of Pfizer COVID vaccine, timeline unclear for when my dad will approve of my career

(Please send me other funny headlines you’ve written!)

9) TikTok of the Week: @joseffinspiration drops knowledge on how to escape the hamster wheel


  • Jay Graber has officially announced that she’s leading Twitter’s Bluesky initiative. She’s great! They’re hiring a protocol and web dev. Apply here.

  • Open Philanthropy has a new Technology Policy Fellowship for ~tech folks who are looking to get into policy, especially around AI or bio risk.

  • MSCHF, an awesome experimental digital-first media collective (idk what to call them), is hiring a general counsel.

  • One of my favorite companies, Hive.one, is creating a PageRank for people to make trust abundant. They’re hiring a CTO.

  • The Berkman Klein Center is one of the best academic centers that study technosocietal systems. They’re hiring a new Executive Director.

  • Coinbase is hiring for an interesting position—Head of Crypto Recruiting.

  • Effective Altruism Jobs Board



SAULT is a new pseudonymous hip-hop collective from England (maybe). They just released Nine. It’s only available for streaming and download for 99 days (32 left). Get it here.

My favorite song is Light’s in Your Hands:

Lyrics about growing up in the hood:

When you were younger you were left on your own
Forced to survive, streets became your home
So innocent, and didn't get to be a child
It hurts to see the pain in your eyes

When you think about it, I never really had a childhood
I was constantly on the edge, constantly on edge
Throughout my whole childhood
But, we just, we grew accustomed to it
To the point now we're adults and we got thick skin
You shouldn't have to have skin as sick as ours, you shouldn't
We shouldn't have had to grow up with that

Hope you have a good week! Warmth, Rhys

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