#71: Building The Wisdom Age

An illustrated guide to infrastructure for the 21st century

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Hey team!

This week I’m excited to release a report that Roote worked on over the last few months called Building The Wisdom Age.

The idea behind the report is that:

We’re trying to build towards a better future, but we all see it differently.

It’s like the parable of the Blind Men Touching The Elephant—each man sees something different, depending on where they are.

So, led by Jamie Daudon, a Berkeley grad student, we interviewed 25 systems change experts to understand this elephant.

By synthesizing these interviews, the report breaks down the Wisdom Age movement into the following Movement Families:

Which turns the elephant from less clear to more clear:

We then look at the transformations the movement is pursuing:

And finally look at the status of this movement:

Using powerful interviewee quotes like:

In the end, we learned that the Wisdom Age is deeply focused on building infrastructure.

To learn more about the different movement families building infrastructure, check out the full report here:

👉 Building The Wisdom Age 👈

Thanks again to Jamie for conducting the interviews, to all of our interviewees for their time and feedback, and a huge shout out to Sara Cadena for her amazing illustrations.

I’m pretty proud of the team for this piece, so please share it with a friend or let us know if you have feedback. Thanks!

Hope you have a good week! Warmth, Rhys

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